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broken lcd but everything else is fine, can I repurpose?

I don’t know if this is the best place to ask these kind of things so if someone knows a better place please let me know. I have a sony bravia kd55x750f and everything is working fine but the lcd is smashed. I wanted to fix it but a replacement lcd is worth much more then I’m interested in paying for it and has proven difficult to find. when dismantling it I found that it has two 64 pin ribbon cables that connect to the lcd assembly. Is it possible to buy a different lcd (size, brand, etc.) that can use that input so that I could possibly use it as a monitor or something?

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Benjamin Busby  that is a really good question and I have asked myself this before. I have been tinkering around with monitors and TV’s for a while and broken LCD’s seem to always be the end of those. However, I think it should be possible to adapt a different panel. biggest issue here is your T-con board output. I am not sure which 2 flat ribbon cables you are referring to but assume you are talking about the ones coming of the T-con board and go to the LCD control board. That board is part of the panel and can not be replaced without major equipment (TAB machine). Whatever replacement panel you can scrounge, you would need the electrical characteristics of that, basically the pinouts of the connector. Than match those with the ones coming from your T-con board. As you can see, something like this can become pretty involved and time consuming. If you are up to it and have time to fiddle around, let us know when you find a replacement panel. For now, post some good pictures of your boards with your question, as well as the label from the back of your panel. That’ll give us a starting point.

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