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A singing, dancing, pink pony that responds to its included toys and outside stimulus.

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Head/neck very loose and clicking

When I turn it on some of the moves it tries to do it clicks. Not positive what’s wrong but when it’s turned off the head and neck move around so I believe it’s either spring or motor there. I see the information for replacing motors or springs in legs but I believe it’s the head/neck. And where do I get the parts from to replace them??

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Upon dissembling the toy, I found one of the reasons why the neck clicks. there is a small plastic tab on the tip of the black neck coupler.

Block Image

this slides into the potentiometer located in the white base of the neck

Block Image

. This controls the rotation of the neck and prevents it from clicking. It got broken off. I got lucky and found the broken tab when I took apart the toy and managed to glue it back it on. I don’t know if the glue will hold. If it does not I will try and scan the base and see if I can 3d print it. I will make the .STL file available if need be.

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