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Model A1842. Released September 2017, the revision to Apple's 4th generation set-top-box featuring an A10X Fusion processor and 3 GB of RAM.

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AppleTV 4K - Looking for a source for a power supply

My AppleTV 4K won’t turn on and I believe I need to replace the power supply. Looks to be straight forward. However, I don’t know where to buy a new power supply. does not sell them. Any suggestions?

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I found this one on eBay Apple TV 4K TV4K A1842 PA-1310-2A REV X2 Internal Power Supply Board. Before you make the jump try a second power cord. You could still have a logic board failure. Make sure you can return it so you don’t waste your money.

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I had seen those on eBay and was not sure if I could trust. But it does appear to be the only option. I did try a new power cord, so it is definitely something more complex. Great point on being able to return the power supply in case that is not the problem.


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I am going to try this:

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  5. Thinkstar
  6. Item#: 9SIAJ90ATG3647

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