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The Olympus Stylus 1010 is a 10.1 MP digital camera with 7x optical dual image stabilized zoom. It has a 14.7 MB XD-Picture Card. The camera is 99 x 56 x 25 mm and weighs 136 grams.

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My lens is stuck.

I've tested the battery and it is fine. I've removed the memory card and held down the function button while turning the camera on. This hasn't solved the problem - the lens is still stuck. What else can I try?

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من احتیاج به یک شارژر و یک باتری دارم برای دور بینم! باید چکار کنم؟


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Irene Rosko, take a look at this blog. It does describe in detail how to deal with this very common error. Should any of those steps not clear up the problem, then I would think that your issue is related to the IC that controls image processing. If it has failed you will have to replace that. But try the less invasive suggestion first. Good Luck.

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My. Camera is a sz1114 megapixel

Olyumpus 20x wide


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