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Why is my sound so unbelievably quiet?

ever since i got my beats x they are so quiet that i hear everything ‘‘outside‘‘ and if i’m next to a busy road then i can barely hear any music. like a year ago when i was using them they also had this problem but sometimes if i tapped on the back of it they ‘‘ popped back ‘‘ ( ? ) loose magnet maybe? now it doesn’t seem that anything helps them. they’re just quiet like if you listened to music from your phone from across the room.

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Hi @beferrr ,

How old are the earphones?

If they have performed like this since new, there is a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on them.

If they are less than 1 year old, following the directions in the warranty statement (or search online) for what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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this is almost a year later, coming here to say that your comment was absolutely useless and i hope you know this. Trust me, I know what a warranty is and i wouldn't go online to try looking for an answer if it was that simple.

I only made this post to learn how to fix the issue, not send it to a manufacturer LITERALLY, that comment was so useless i can't even wrap my head around why would you post it. Now, a year later they're fully broken they flash white-red-white-red-white continuously when charging and refuse to turn on, tried factory resetting them and they just don't respond


your reply was an equivalant of ' 'Hey guys, i'm hungry, do you know how to make a [recipe name] ?''

and you'd respond with

just go to a restaurant if you're hungry lmao


Hi @beferrr ,

You might be surprised at how many people don't know about their consumer rights regarding purchases or about the manufacturer's warranty.

Also I am not clairvoyant so I wouldn't you that you knew about the warranty.

You also gave no indication about how old the earphones were when you asked the question.

"ever since i got my beats x they are so quiet....", to me this makes it appear that they were like this from new.

That was the basis for my answer.

Why didn't you contact the manufacturer about it as it must have occurred to you that they were faulty from the start? You had the 12 month warranty period to do this, but obviously you didn't.

If they were less than one year old at the time you asked the question why didn't you do as suggested? That's what warranties are for. To get the manufacturer, not the purchaser, to fix their faulty products.

If they were older why not respond at the time and say that option no longer existed and explain in more detail what occurs, as you have now?


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