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The 1998 version is based on the original Beetle but, in comparison with the old model of the vehicle, it is way more spacious and equipped with more advanced features.

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Is there away to tune off check engine light on my car

The check engine light won't go off

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  • 2000-2005:
    • Turn ignition to off position
    • Press and hold the Trip reset button
    • Release the Trip Reset button when it says “OIL” or “INSP”
    • Turn the minute knob until the odometer is reset to zero
    • Turn the ignition off

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Auto Zone will lend you a tool to diagnose your cars engine issues. It will give a code to let you know what issue is causing to engine light to come on. When you have addressed that issue disconnect the battery for a few minutes and the engine light will reset.

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I was told not to unhook batterie that there is another way to reset it.


Hi @ retamoe,

The check engine light is on for a reason.

More serious damage may occur to the engine if you ignore it or try to just reset it. (It will most probably come back on anyway after you've reset it if you haven't fixed the problem)

In the end it may be better to find out the reason why the light is on rather than just trying to ignore it or to reset it.


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take positive cable off and touch to negative for 20 to 30 seconds and then put positive back on and will turn off the check engine light. If a fault the code will kick back on but in some cases it can stay off. It helps reset the computer all together doing this method will clear the check engine light.

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