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Compact video camera recorder/tape recorder Released 1989, Model No. CCD-TR5 Serial No. 257152

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My Handycam CCD-TRV36 Hi8 Yellow and Black RCA Jacks Are Broken

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Is there an easy fix for the yellow and black ports/output jacks for the A/V cables? The problem with the ports has slowly worsened to the point where now I cannot get a picture at all on an outside monitor. (The cables themselves are NOT the problem.)

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post some good images of what ports you are looking at. Right now I am assuming you are referring to the Video and Audio RCA jacks (front right side of the camera) Use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente for that.

The ports are soldered to the PCB Sony part number A-7073-809-A. Problem is it does not look like it is available anywhere. you may have to purchase a broken camera to replace that particular (V)board. It is also not easy and requires you to disassemble your camcorder. Download the service manual for your Sony Camcorder from here

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Yes, I am referring to the a/v RCA jacks and I edited my title/question so it is clear to people. I added a photo. Thank you for the link to the service manual and for the info you provided.

Before I spend money to service the camcorder, I might have a temporary solution: Note the RFU jack in the photo. I ordered an RFU cable to see if I am able to bypass the RCA jacks.


Thank you for the image. Let's hope you can do that. Looks like a PITA to get any board for the camera but possibly the jacks could be replaced by finding substitutes. Let us know how it works out.


I will, thank you! The manual will be helpful if there are other issues that come up. Otherwise, the camcorder still works great and I can watch my old videos on the flip-out viewfinder for the time being.


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