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deskjet F4480 output support stuck

This printer has a 4-inch wide plastic strip plus small, folding flap to catch the printed output. The strip folds into the paper tray when not in use. Mine is stuck in the out position and is likely to cause damage to itself or me.

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The strip sticks out a good 6 inches beyond the edge of the desk. Very easy to bump into or get clothing caught, causing this old lady to fall. Not good. But also likely to break off leaving nasty jagged edge, not good, either.


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Why would it cause damage if it’s in the out position? If it’s causing damage either tear it off, or you can call their customer service line, because if your not able to force into its place no matter what you do it will crack.

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The Accepted Solution in this link may be of some help.

Be safety aware and disconnect the power from the printer if you go to try the solution.

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