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SodaStream Source is a new way to create soda in the comfort of your own home that allows you to personalize your beverage and make only the drinks you want, avoiding all the extra bottles.

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I am Missing a part

The part that attaches to the front of my Aqua Fizz machine, about the bottle container, was not included in the box when I received the machine. How do I replace it?

Update (04/01/2019)

Please ship me the part and one additional cartridge.

Update (04/01/2019)

I think I answered this already, but just in case……I would like to purchase the part that attaches to the front of the machine above the bottle receptacle, and another gas cylinder.

Please do not duplicate this order.

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I think that you may have made a mistake.

ifixit does not supply parts or do repairs for an AquaFizz machine.

You need to contact SodaStream


Toll-Free Customer Support: 1-800-763-2258


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