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SodaStream Source is a new way to create soda in the comfort of your own home that allows you to personalize your beverage and make only the drinks you want, avoiding all the extra bottles.

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Why does water squirt everywhere when carbonating water?

I have been given a soda stream as a birthday gift which sprays water everywhere when you try and carbonate water. There is a small red/orange peg about 5mm long loose in the box, I’m wondering if this could be the culprit? I don’t have the receipt as it was a gift and the purchaser doesn't’ either and doesn’t live in the same country as me. It seems a waste to chuck it but it’s of no use to us in its current state. Any advice?

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I'm wondering if it has to do with how much carbonation is in the charge bottle. Mine only does this when the charge bottle is getting low. But it's extremely annoying and messy and wish we got answers @sodastream.


Same problem, I have double-checked everything. Only one thing left to do. Send it back


This problem after several years of faultless use has appeared

Using glass bottles in an expensive version.

Can only imagine it’s the seal between the sodastream and the top of the bottle.

Perhaps need to exchange the seal but how?

Any instructions?


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If your SodaStream Source is leaking during carbonation, see the SodaStream Source is Leaking During Carbonation problem page. Common problems include the carbonation bottle not being inserted in a completely upright position, not fully attaching the bottle, and using a starting liquid other than plain water or unflavored carbonated water.

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This answer does not fix the problem.


I agree, it does not fix the problem


This is the stupidest answer that resolves nothing. It’s the o-ring and neck holder. But how do you get the parts?


Useless answer. We all assume that the instructions shown in the guide have been followed. Same issue here. In my case, the water bottle is correctly inserted and pushed up. When empty, the plastic claws around the nech hold the bottle tightly and this doesnt move, no up-down play. Once filled with water, the claws cant even stand for the weight and the bottle becomes loose, an up and down play appears, creating a gap where the water spills through very violently. A real mess. The device is clearly faulty, needs replacing.


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