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Lenovo IdeaPad U530 Touch released October 2014. Identified by model name: 20289

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U530 HDD replacement + "trained servicers" guide from C-Net

Hi all,

I got this laptop about 4 years ago, and Windows is starting to give me bogus blue screens. This is probably my hard drive aging, but I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the hard drive on this computer before. If so, how difficult is it?

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Plus, has anyone else seen this "trained servicers" manual that C-Net posted? I think it could be pretty handy.



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not very difficult but tedious because of the removal of the screws. You do have the right manual and Lenovo posts a lot of their manuals right on their website. Yay for Lenovo for supporting end users replacing parts. Just follow the manual to replace the HDD.

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