Need help on my iPhone 6 plus stuck on apple logo

Guys I need help.

So my phone stuck on apple logo but when I plugged in charger, it became normal.

So when I unplugged it started to restart itself and the apple logo started to show on my screen. It only happens when I unplugged my charger. Anyone know what is the problem. I tried using the same method as home and power button thing but it didnt work so please I need some help over here.

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You should replace you battery.iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Battery

iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Battery Imagem


iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Battery


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If it boots to home screen when plugged into a laptop, download 3utool an check the battery health

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so the problem is the battery then??


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You’re stuck in the bootloop…

The battery may have died, and is not being detected by the iPhone, which stops the device from booting all the way.

If you have a laptop or desktop, download 3utool and check the battery health/state.

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