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Any small, single-cylinder carbureted gasoline engine, usually used for lawnmowers. The engine used to create these guides is a Briggs and Stratton 300e series engine.

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push rods to valves fall out. model #204412

no gunk or buildup on guides or valve stems. am scratching my head.

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Maybe B&S had a bad flaw in there design.


Lol I just got one of these in with that problem. I was attempting to look up the part number when I saw this. I have also seen ,on a couple larger engines, that the bolt holding the rocker in the center had backed out, causing the valve to become so loose that the rod slipped out. Oh, well, back to trying to find the part # for this bent rod.


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Current Briggs&Stratton ohv engines have a known tendency for the valve lash adjustments to back off and become very loose over time. If you have one of these units you should adjust them at least once a season to correct clearance specification. Find specifications on line based on model number stamped on valve cover. If the push rod has fallen out you should remove it and inspect to ensure it has not become bent due to the abuse it suffered while operating with so much excessive clearance (another common failure).

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