Cannot activate after changing IC data and Audio

Good Morning,

I cannot activate the phone after changing the IC, I changed IC audio and IC data and other parts in the phone but I finished, I reset the phone so I can restore the backup but I couldn’t activate it

I tried force restart, activate with different WiFi, different SIM cards but nothing working.

And iTunes gives me black screen, I used other softwares to restore the backup but when I boot I always get the same message “ Couldn’t Activate iPhone”

P.S : the IMEI and serial number are correct on iTunes

Any ideas ?

Thank you

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If you mean you changed the nand ic unless you copied the codes from the original nand then that could be the issue

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I'm sorry, how can I copy the codes? btw the IMEI and serial number are exist on iTunes


The nand is programmed to work the cpu and baseband etc if they aren't matched it won't work


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