Power Button, Home Button, and Volume buttons broken after LCD repair

So I dropped my phone, and I can’t afford to buy a new one. My friend suggested that I should get it repaired by a random guy with a cellphone repair shop. I asked if the LCD is an original or a good part and they said yes. The fee was 3800 PHP or about $74 and after the repair the phone went well everything seems working and after a day the home button, volume buttons, and power buttons don’t function well, I can’t lock the phone properly most of the time it just goes to the shut down/restart interface, there’s a delay in volume change, and when I press the home button it either goes to the ask google function and rarely does the “home” function. Please help, i’m having thoughts that some part of my phone were replaced by a fake bootleg one while repairing or the part that was installed in my phone was just crap.

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I think they also replaced the digitizer


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