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A transforming "laplet" in the Lenovo Yoga line.

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I have ripples on my screen when only slightly touch it.

i recently bought a brand new Lenovo yoga 530 laptop for studies and noticed when i am just adjusting or moving the screen that it develops ripples on the sides of the screen. it doesn’t affect my work but i wanted to check if it was going to produce any ongoing or long term issues, remember this is an ‘out-of-the-box’ new laptop.

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hi i have something similar with my one month old HP G7 laptop, its a the bottom where the taskbar is in the empty space between where the apps lie and the right hand side where the time/calendar apps lay. open happens if i am typing or moving the screen or lightly tapping on the back of the screen.

Any help

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if it has a touchscreen, you’re not touching the screen with your fingers (thumb?) and causing it to “register” your touch resulting in the ripple effect?

If not then there is a problem with either the connection to the display or in the display.

It isn’t going to get better by itself and it may well get worse.

I suggest that you take it back to where you purchased it or consult the manufacturer’s warranty that came with the laptop as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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Hi @lorr1e1 ,

If it is only a month old consult the warranty provisions (usually found in the user manual) about how to get a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

You don't want to go opening it up and voiding the warranty.

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