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Repair guides and support for printers and all-in-one print stations by Kodak.

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ink leak out of bottom of printer

Black ink leaks out of the bottom of my printer. I have a large ink stain on my pc desk. I replaced print head but still have the problem.

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Hi @angler2 ,

What is the model number of the printer?

How old is the printer?

Just wondering if the ink absorber pad is full and is now "overflowing" when the printer is finished printing or a printhead clean is done


^this. open it up. take out the old pad but in a new one!


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maybe replacing the ink cartridges will help

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Maybe something's wrong with your ink-related parts,You can replace the parts.Official stores will be more expensive,and I found that other stores would be cheaper.

like this:

Hopefully this will help you.

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