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My tv won’t turn/power on after being unplugged for a couple of hours

I moved my tv and then moved it back to put it back on and plugged the tv back in, no lights or anything came on when I plugged in back in. I have changed the fuse in the plug, the power cable and the socket.

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I had the same problem with our sony. later on we found out that it was a burned out screen bulb in the tv. We took ours for a tv trade in to get money off our new tv.


Hi @k12 ,

What is the model number of the TV?


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If you had been check a all things means cable and power supply then you should talk to your customer service and talk to where you purchased it.

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get it checked from some professional technician or if your product is under warranty, take it to the service center maybe some internal problem is causing this issue.

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