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Released October 13, 2016, the PlayStation VR is Sony's first virtual reality headset designed to work with the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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Can you fix the permenant cable to the VR headset

Dog chewed the cable from the VR Processing unit to my headset.

Pretty straight forward with no solid answer on how to fix it while keeping the longevity of the unit intact.

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Yeah I’ve had a vr headwear for almost 2 years that a dog chewed up, if the wires are soldered to the internal board you might be able to sweat all the wires and re solder them. I’m going to attempt to tear it down and see what it looks like, find a similar strand of wire in a harness already and try to re run the harness somehow. The wires are so small there does not seem to be any way to fix them individually m.


I watched a very good video on YouTube of someone actually replacing the cable with a new one, but I can't find any place that actually sells this cable. Most of the ps4vr headsets for sale on eBay sold "for parts only, not working" have the same problem - the cable is broken. Does anyone know where to buy the cable?


Has anyone found a source for PSVR2 cables - they have a non standard USB-C like connector on the headset end. Or if anyone has a wire color to pin on the standard USB-C free end, I would be most appreciative! I have a USB-C 3 breakout board I can work with if I know what wire color goes with what function. Worse case I will have to go through the pins one by one (if I work this out, I'll post it here.)


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At the moment the I think the best thing to do is cut both cables back to a good looking part on both sides the strip the wires of their outer coating leaving just the coloured wires behind

Then I would try and figure out that wires how where(eg red to red or blue to blue)then solder them back together accordingly

To finish it off it would isolate each wire in electrical tape and put some form of shrink wrap over it to seal it up

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@hellomacos im going to be taking my headset apart soon. I have not be able to get ahold of Sony at all about resolution for this issue. Even making a ticket for repair seems to be and endless loop of clicking the same buttons never able to submit anything

From my understanding it’s just two separate hdmi Input/output

I’ll maybe add a guide for it if I can figure it out



I see

If you could add a guide that would be great:-)


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@hellomacos hey. So I’ve gotten the casing apart and the wires separated. Pretty interesting

These are the important notes so far

The connector to the motherboard I did t expose all the way but from the “tear down” guide. It seems to come apart one more time? Not sure, it’s a small connector that plugs in up and down not in and out

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

. After further investigation. I see that it does not. Also I discovered that some of the metal I thought was insulation. Was actually a wire. That’s good news lol.

Block Image

21-22 wires

I may need to micro solder the wires back together and re insulate wrap and shrink cover it I don’t see myself throwing any caps on these small wires.

Any suggestions?

Update (08/21/2022)

@hellomacos i just realized that’s exactly what you said to do lol!!!

Here is a better photo I actually took it apart more slowly this time. 2 sets of 2 wires are wrapped separately. 1 bundle of wires is wrapped separately. And the more metallic looking wires are exposed.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here is a photo of the soldering workstation I purchased

Block Image

I wasn’t able to do a reply and add photo

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You could repair everything by soldering it back together but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have some experience first

This will be quite time consuming so if you want you could buy a faulty VR and use it as a donor so you can get the cable that you need

Up to you though

If you need any more advice just ask:-)


Hey this actually is a spare vr I had

I got a few ps4 controllers that need joystick replacements

I got the recommended soldering kit for like 50$ I think to fix the controller. I may need a magnifying glass and a smaller tip or? Im not sure about miceosolder. So my need for suggestion. Is. Will the recommended soldering kid on the ps4 joystick controller replacement going to be ok to do this small level? Or do I need something smaller. Im. New. But idc if it’s ruined or not. This is my practice basically. That and the controllers of course.


Hello greetings! I'm trying to fix mine, has yours worked? Were you able to solder the small cables without any problem?


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