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Dell Inspiron N4110, manufactured by Dell, is a black laptop with 14 inch screen. Model number: P20G001

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None of my USB ports are working and it worked fine yesterday?

I was on my laptop yesterday and they worked fine, but then I had to restart my computer and now the USB ports won’t work and I’ve tried everything suggested nothing worked. At first I thought it was the mouse so I tried another one and it won’t work either in any of the USB ports, what if one of them broke and it made the rest unable to work

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Uncheck the USB power management “turn off power option” in Device Manager, and see if the USB ports now work.

Go to Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > right click USB Root Hub > Properties > Power Management > uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power > OK.

Do this for all the USB Root Hub entries listed.

Restart the laptop and check if the USB ports now work

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how are we supposed to do that when my mouse nor my keyboard doesnt work i hate this



Please clarify when you say that your mouse isn't working?

Do you mean the laptop's touchpad or an external USB mouse connected to the computer?

What happens if you press the Win + x key on the keyboard.

Do you get an options menu?

If so, use the "arrow down" key and try to step down to Device Manager, then press the Enter key.

When Device Manager opens press the Tab key and then step down using the "arrow down" key to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers entry and press the "right arrow" key and then arrow down to a USB root hub entry, press Enter and check the device status


if my usb kb&m cant be plugged into my usb ports how am i supposed to do any of this


@Chase G

The answer above was for a laptop PC so presumably the keyboard and touch pad were working and just not the USB ports in the device.

Why can't your USB kb&m be plugged in? Are all the USB ports physically damaged and not working?

What is the make and model number of the computer?


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First thing make sure your computer is up to date with no outstanding windows updates or system updates then move to ensuring all drivers are up to date. If they were once working and suddenly stopped like this your computer may no longer “see” the USB ports and could possibly be missing the latest firmware and/or driver updates for your device. Hope this helps.

Update (01/31/2019)

If all this checks out then you could possibly have a hardware related issue. USB ports may need to be replaced.

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It should be noted that if your computer doesn’t have the latest updates you will still experience issues as the windows interface is what is controlling the device manager. That wasn’t quite clarified I guess.


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This is a joke how can I use my USB KEYBOARD AND MOUSE on USB ports that DONT

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