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The entry-level version of the Inspiron 15 7000 gaming notebook from June 2017 lacks the higher-end hardware complement of its pricier siblings. The battery life puts many other laptops—gaming or not—to shame.

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left forward facing speaker crackling and popping

The left forward facing speaker pops and crackles sometimes when i play videos or music from the laptop. I think a seal or something must be broken but I dont know how to get to it.

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Have you tried connecting headphones to check that it is a speaker problem and not a left channel audio problem?

If it is a speaker problem, here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop, taken from this webpage.

Scroll to p.60 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/ replace the speakers.

Replacement speakers are available online. Just search for Dell Inspiron 15 gaming 7567 speaker part to get results for suppliers.

Here’s a link to just one supplier. It is shown only to give you an idea of the cost of the parts. There are other that may suit you better.

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Your computer requires a new speaker assembly. The location of the speaker for your computer is circled in white below. The computer requires a full disassembly to remove and replace the speaker.

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