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This laptop was released in April of 2004, it is an upgrade of the 1100 series.

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Dell inspiron 1150 not turning on only lights

Hello all at ifixit i got this dell inspirion 1150 laptop wich only shows the power and battery charge light and does not show any futher signs of life

. i quess its a motherboard related problem however i heard the inspiron 1150 also had a common problem with the DC Jack. Do you guys have any clue on what it can be?

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Have you tried hooking it up to another monitor to see if you get display? Are there any beeps when you attempt to turn it on? Can you turn it on with the charger plugged in and the battery out?


yes i already tried that it makes no beeps no noises or response to any button just the 2 lights


Hi @victor99 ,

Did you try a power refresh, you didn't say?

Remove adapter, remove battery, press and hold power button for 30 seconds and release.

Reconnect adapter only and try to start the laptop.


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Unfortunately it sounds like your motherboard has failed. I would find a replacement for you online, but you didn’t enter enough info on the model for me to find it for you.

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Try reseating the RAM/trying new RAM.

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