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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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Setting up Fusion Drive on Mac Mini Late 2014

I am trying to find a good guide and parts I need to buy to modify my current 5400rpm 1TB HDD and add a SSD to make a Fusion Drive.

All I can find is this: Mac mini Late 2014 Repair

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Our guides are structured from a hardware perspective which can be a bit confusing when you are trying to setup a dual drive configuration like a Fusion Drive.

So you have a HDD drive and now you need to add in the SSD using this Flex cable for a solid state drive (SSD) for the Mac Mini following this guide Mac mini Late 2014 PCIe SSD Cable Replacement then you need the SSD [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF123-123-1] you only need the smaller 240 GB drive.

At this point you have the needed hardware and if you’ve got it all installed you’ll need to run Disk Utility to format the SSD and lastly convert your SSD & HDD into a Fusion Drive following this How to make your own Fusion Drive

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your guide says compatible to the older Mac mini 2011/2012 not 2014


I just checked all of the hardware posts all state clearly 2014 so I have no idea what you are reading. The Fusion Drive setup guide (2012) is older than your system which is why it doesn't state 2014 as your system came out afterwards.

I can tell you I've setup a good dozen without any problems.


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Yes, you can. And I just did mine and the speed (and size) of the fusion drive is awesome. Here are the brief steps:

  1. You will need the flex cable to connect the SSD to your mini motherboard. You can get it from Ebay or Taobao. Like this one ( or choose one that has SSD come with it.
  2. Open the mac mini’s back using special TR-6 screw driver. Note, not regular T-6 screw driver. You can buy one from Amazon (
  3. Install the SSD drive with flex cable, You will also need a regular screw to secure the SSD on the top side. I found one from another laptop’s internal wifi module.
  4. Boot up the mac and check the hardware, you will see two hard drives, one for the HDD and another for the SSD.
  5. Follow apple’s instructions to merge the two drives into a fusion drive. Note that you have to wipe the system so better backup.
  6. For me, I put in a 256 SSD and get a total of 1.25TB fusion drive. Enjoy the speed (and capacity)!

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My mini came with just a 256GB SSD. I’d like to add 1TB HDD. And make it a Fusion setup. Does the 2014 SSD-only version have the HDD connector already?

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The logic board has the needed hookup. You'll need the cable Mac mini A1347 (Mid 2011-Late 2014) Upper SATA Cable and here's the guide you'll need to follow Mac mini A1347 (Mid 2011-Late 2014) Upper SATA Cable


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