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Repair guides for feature cell phones manufactured by Kyocera. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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How to replace the battery of the Kyocera Hydro Shore model C6742A?

I cannot find a guide or tutorial on how to take apart the Kyocera Hydro Shore model C6742A. The back place looks like a solid piece with the glass possibly glued in, there are some screws but not the typical ones. Those holes from previous models are filled in plastic, and the 3.5mm jack has 3 screws, and there’s a screw over the power button once the back cover plate is off, but the space where the battery would be is solid plastic with the back plastic part of the phone itself. Do we have to heat this screen up to remove it from the plastic? are there any ribbon cables to be aware of? Can anyone please post a guide or knowledge of how to take apart this phone?

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Here’s how AT&T says to do it:

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Hi @mayer ,

I think that the "tutorial" is incorrectly named.

It should be "install and remove the SIM card and the SD Card"

There is no mention at all about how to replace the battery.

Happy New Year



@jayeff you are correct, they have nothing on replacing the battery


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