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Unknown error (4000) when restoring iPhone

Just had a customer give me a phone which is in boot loop.

Plugged a new screen on, as the glass is broken, along with the home button and camera installed. but still the same.

So tried to restore, but get “unknown error occured (4000)”

whats the cause of this?


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try restoring without the home button and camera connected to see if you get the same error

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In the end, I restored it with another camera.

After the restore, put the original camera back in and it started up fine.

Either unlucky the first few times, or a coincidence with the camera swap.

Either way, it's now up and running.


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Here’s a fix I found from Apple Support:

Follow the steps provided in this support article, but remember to back up your phone before you begin: How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Cant back the phone up if it’s in bootloop, and already tried DFU mode



Sorry that didn't work for you! I'm at a loss. Good luck!


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