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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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Screen turned pinkish with green lines

I bought this laptop in 2015 so the warranty expired in 2017.

ISSUE: Today when I turned on the laptop, I saw pinkish text with green lines come up right from the start ("Lenovo" text in the beginning) and it leaves temporary traces of previous window/pane when I move to another one.  I have all the drivers/components up to date and there isn't any issues found when I ran few check ups.

What can be the possible solution to it? OR do I need to buy a new LCD/connector for the screen?


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Hi Faisal

well, test with an external monitor /display to confirm.

you can try reaseating the LVDS cable and see if it helps.


Hello Augustine, thanks for the response.

I haven’t tested with external monitor but will do.

How can I access and check the LVDS cable to see if it’s seated fine?


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Hi @splash104 ,

Here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop.

Scroll to p.65 onward to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD unit particular to your model variant. This should give you access to the cable.

If you determine that the problem is with the LCD panel itself, on p.93 you will find the part numbers for the various panels.

If you search online using the part number only, in the search box of your browser, (appropriate to your particular model variant), you will get results for suppliers of the part.

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