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The Xbox Wireless Controller, manufactured by Microsoft, is commonly used with the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but the controller can also be used on a PC. This includes repair information for model numbers 1537, 1697, 1698 (Elite), 1708, and 1914.

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Xbox controller thumb stick is activating my right trigger randomly

Let me start off by saying that this is a scuf Xbox controller. So my Xbox controller functions normally except for the fact that when I press down on my left thumbstick, the right trigger will activate. I found this to be very weird because no other button will trigger it and the right trigger itself functions normally if the left thumbstick is not messed with. I don’t think it is a Hall effect sensor problem because the trigger is not constantly activated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If your Xbox One Wireless Controller has a malfunctioning thumbstick and you cannot properly navigate around your Xbox One, see the Xbox One Wireless Controller Has Malfunctioning Thumbsticks problem page for possible problems and solutions.

If your Xbox One Wireless Controller has sticky or broken buttons, see the Xbox One Wireless Controller Has Sticky or Broken Buttons problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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