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The original Blackberry Bold smartphone, featuring various improvements from older Blackberry models.

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bb thrown on wall doesnt boot

threw bb to wall cant boot no light nothing.

-keeping it plugged and putting battery in, removing waiting30secs and repeating procedure leads nowhere.

-keep escape pressed for safemode boot doesnt work

-keep mute button pressed 30secs doesnt work

mystery selfhealings

-keep 10 hours offline and repeat above doesnt work

next appreaoch keep 24hours ofline and repeat above

-no recognition of usb in computer link

-wahts broken ?

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Check your battery, make sure you have any kind of output. Make sure that your battery makes a connection with the proper contact of your phone. After that it is time to perform a teardown on your phone and see what is obvious broken/disconnected etc. But do start with the power to your device. Good Luck and let us know.

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nice idea but the usb doesnt recognise it. that does work usualy without battery, doesnt it>?

i suspect boot rom


THe battery is ok. If you ever have troubles wiht yours keep mute pressed 30-40 seconds

first plug in leave it plugged

pull batter wait 30 seconds

put in batter wait 10-20 seconds

keep mute top pressed for 30-40 seconds while on cahrger.

it should live again

turn device soft off while loading full


The reason why I always check the battery and contacts first is to make sure there is no shortcircuit to prevent the device from not being recognized when plugged in.


i see. The battery is ok. I exchanged batteries. So any idea waht could be broken > as i said the thing doesnt LED red, doesnt start no recognition as if the boot rom is damamged.

-is there a self healing possibility? leave it a day unplugged and it restarts? -read this a few times now


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