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Ring Video Doorbell Model No. 88RG000FC100

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Really low speaker volume

Hi! I have a Ring doorbell, and live on a quite busy road. The speaker seems to be extremely hard to hear, and I have had RING tech support check it is set to the maximum. So what I am wondering is whether anyone has, or could advise on swapping out this speaker for one say from an iPhone or something? I am NOT technical, so there may be many reasons why this is not possible, but f I play music on my iPhone at the front door, that can be heard fine in any traffic, so I don’t see why the Ring doorbell couldn’t be adapted in some way to allow for a better speaker. Any help gladly accepted! Thanks in advance

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Hi! Thanks, but I haven't explained myself properly. The problem lies with the visitor being unable to hear me when I am shouting very loudly at my iPhone which makes the whole exercise rather pointless! I want them to be able to hear me- i can hear the chime fine. Thanks for your time.



Same issue for me, I live by a busy road and the output volume is not loud enough for a visitor to hear clearly yet the bell audio after pushing the button can easily be heard.


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If your Ring Video Doorbell not ringing or you cannot hear your Ring’s notifications, see the Ring Video Doorbell Does Not Ring problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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