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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives.

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Lexar Usb Drive not formating

So, i found this Lexar Usb Drive in a road somewhere, i took it and tried to format it i tried formatting the actual drive not the partition really need help..

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I find if a usb drive cannot be seen by my computer its best to try another computer or different port . If this brings no joy then clean the contacts in the jump sticks. This site has some good tips. If you still have no joy use this as a last resort, take the flash drive apart down to the circuit boards and connector soak it in 99% ip alcohol clean the board with a soft tooth brush . A lot of times flash drives get wet and corrode this will help remove some of the corrosion and possible revive an otherwise dead jump stick. If there is still no Joy odds are this is why you found it on the road. Hope this helps

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the usb drive powers on and can be seen by the pc.

and i found a Linux Multiboot files on it does the files on may be the problem?


The usb drive doesnt have rust and the circuit board looks fine. still tried the 99% ip dump


and if i try to delete the files it wont let me do it...


Hi @zantheproplayz ,

The disk may be write protected.

Here's a link that may be of some help


Im using a mac though


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All right, I hope I can help you. There are many ways to format your USB drive.

I think you can't do this because you used the normal formatting method. I recommend that CMD do this.

If you don't know this, check this out. I have used this method. I've had good results.

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