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The Flip Ultra HD is a digital video camcorder by Pure Digital/Cisco, discontinued in 2011

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Why is it that whenever I hold the power button down it blinks red?

I found my old flip ultra HD camcorder and well my mom dropped it in the sink a long time ago but it still loads onto my laptop but… when it’s not plugged into anything it doesn’t turn on at all it just blinks red meaning it’s not charged or something? I did charge it for a little but it still won’t work I’m very impatient :( please help!?

Model: U1120

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The rechargeable battery inside is dead. Either replace the rechargeable battery, or remove it and put in alkalines.


I changed the batteries but the power button still won’t work..:( I can click down of it so the button itself is working but the whole camcorder won’t turn on maybe it’s done for since I haven’t used it for several years maybe or it needs to be plugged in longer to the wall plug or my laptop


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See step #3 of this teardown to replace the batteries.

Flip Ultra HD Teardown

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