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Repair information for Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV. Released in 2008. Model number: KLV-32T400A.

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No picture but sound

My tv has no picture but sound is fine.

After sometime picture comes but with white lines on it and after some minutes it goes black.

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Anytime black only sound


My tv sound is good but picture not show on tv display


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let us know what exact model your TV is and if it possible at all, post some images of what those lights etc. look like when your TV does come on. Yes, it could be a bad LCD screen but it is also possible that his is a power board/main board issue. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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This could be a bad lcd. It can be a bad capacitor. If you feel comfortable,take the cover panel off the tv,and inspect the part of the circuit board next to where the screen cables connect. Check if any components look black or damaged.

I’ll research it a bit for you as well.

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If any of the connecting wires are loose or not plugged in, you could be receiving sound but no images through the TV. You'll also want to consider replacing any broken wires. Over time, wires like HDMI cables can wear out – leading to issues with the picture on your TV.

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Sabse uper display aati hai niche nahi aati

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@kashyapji what is the make and model for this? how does it look when you turn it on? Is the screen completely black on the bottom or does it show any light at all? This could be broken panel (failed Gate Drivers or bad COF) Could also just be a backlight issue.


@कश्यपजी इसका मेक और मॉडल क्या है? जब आप इसे चालू करते हैं तो यह कैसा दिखता है? क्या स्क्रीन नीचे से पूरी तरह काली है या इसमें कोई रोशनी दिखाई देती है? यह टूटा हुआ पैनल (असफल गेट ड्राइवर या खराब सीओएफ) हो सकता है, यह बैकलाइट की समस्या भी हो सकती है।

@kashyapajee isaka mek aur modal kya hai? jab aap ise chaaloo karate hain to yah kaisa dikhata hai? kya skreen neeche se pooree tarah kaalee hai ya isamen koee roshanee dikhaee detee hai? yah toota hua painal (asaphal get draivar ya kharaab seeoeph) ho sakata hai, yah baikalait kee samasya bhee ho sakatee hai.


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