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An Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop with a 15.4" inch display.

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My acer aspire 5100 will not boot up

when i turn on my acer aspire 5100,the fan come on and it beeps 3 times,the screen remains black and then turns itself off after about 1 was working fine yesterday.i have taken out the battery ,disconnected all power,removed the ram and re-inserted,tried ctrl-alt-esc and fn-f6-f6 as someone has suggested to another inquirey.any suggestions would be great.

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John, how many RAM modules do you have? If more than one, remove all of them, and only reseated one. If that does not change anything, change it over to the other one. Try to restart with only one stick of memory. Remove the battery, the power supply, and the RAM. Now replace them again in reverse order, and turn your computer back on. Since I do not know what BIOS is in your computer, it is possible that this is caused by a faulty video adapter, but the POST code for that is 2 beep, pause, 1 more. Try an external monitor and see if that shows anything. Let us know how it is going. Good Luck.

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Try to remove ram, hdd, processer(if you can) and put it back in.

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Did as you suggested but still didn't boot.Will have to take it to a repairer.Thanks anyway


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