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Released May 2002, Identified by the GX260 marking around the power button.

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error message. Hard drive not found. Hard drive not installed

bios does not detect replacement hard drive. hard drive not detected by motherboard.boot screen shows hard disk drive not found. this problem occurs when hard disk is installed in computer. how do I troubleshoot this problem

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john, when you say replacement hard drive, why did it need to be replaced? The one you got is a good drive from a reputable source? Any chance you could try the drive on another computer? Check all connectors to be certain that they are properly cabled and firmly seated. make sure that your cable is not reversed. Make sure that you matched the colored strip on the cable with pin 1 on the drive. Let us know if that made a difference and if all connections are the way they are supposed to be. The html Service Manual is available for you. Good Luck

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Here is a link to a discussion about this problem on the Dell website.

Hope it helps.

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If it turns out you need a motherboard here is a link to one.


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Easy solution:

Try a new hard disk and a new data cable.

If BIOS don't recognize the disk, the problem is in your motherboard.


Otherwise you can connect your actual hard disk and try to detect it with another computer.


If the hard disk is new, check the pin configuration at the rear of the disk. Must be placed correctly in Master, Slave or Cable Select. And then try to detect it.

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please send me the jumper setting of hard drive and dvd on on this email addres (

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