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False report of low battery then disconnect?

Hi iFixit,

My controller was working normally then it developed the following fault:

Controller ring of lights report that the battery status is low even with new batteries, every 15 mins approx the controller will then disconnect.

I have tried the following:

Many sets of rechargeable and normal batteries. Using the battery case from my other controller. Syncing the controller to my PC. Swearing at it.

The fault stays the same, cannot find any similar problems on the net. Thought it was a loose battery case but its not.


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Got my screwdriver set, on opening the device all connections seem ok. The soldering on the board was surprisingly sloppy considering the name badge! I noticed some white deposits on the board, I gave the whole thing a clean with isoproponol. Sadly still the same, i give up. I suspect its due to a falling component on the logic board.


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You should try taking off the rear panel of the controller and checking to see if the spring connectors from the batteries to the motherboard are still attached properly. If they are, consider blowing some compressed air on them to clear dust that may be inhibiting the connection. The battery contact springs are held in place by slots in the battery housing in the rear case. Here is a link to the guide for removing the rear panel. It's a pretty simple procedure and is worth a try.

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What I have found with my controller is the battery was not making connection. My solution was to take a small strip of aluminum foil and place it across the two terminals at the base of the battery pack. It is a little difficult because of the plastic divider but with a small tool, I was able to get it in place.

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