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Lenovo's fourth generation Yoga laptop debuted in November 2015. The Yoga 700-11ISK is a hybrid tablet-laptop that features a 4-in-1 design, 8GB of ram, a 2.5 solid state drive, and an Intel® Core™ m7 Processor.

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Do I have to teardown the device to replace the keyboard?

I ordered a new keyboard. I actually have the Yoga 500 14-IBD, but I think it should be similar. Do I have to teardown the whole thing to replace the keyboard or is there a way to remove the toplid?

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Hi @gunjah292 ,

It appears as though the keyboard is part of the upper case and to get to it you have to come at it from underneath, which means that you will have to dis-assemble nearly all of the laptop.

Here’s a link to the section in the service manual for your laptop, which details the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the touchpad module and the upper case.

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Thank you! Will get the keyboard from the post office tomorrow and try it out


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