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The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a smart flying camera with forward and rear obstacle detection sensors and 28 minute flight time. It also features a better camera and every angle besides the top of obstacle avoidance.

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Is this gimbal yaw motor fixable/replaceable?


Long story short… Had a brush with a short tree. Tumbled to the ground (about 8 feet). From what I have learned, it is the “gimbal yaw motor” that is broken. Photos attached. Is this fixable?

I talked to a rep at a drone repair place and he said that if any portion of the gimbal is damaged, the entire gimbal/camera needs to be replaced.. parts $700, labor $150.

Has anyone made this repair? or can you point me to a video? I have been unable to locate one that deals with this repair.

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HOLY SHMIT! That guy is trying to rip you off. So long as the ribbon cable for your camera hasnt become damaged you only need to replace the camera yaw motor, it’s like 20 bucks online. This is the one i bought to fix mine

The repair can be a scary task but the internet has all the answers you need. If you need the ribbon cable make sure you get one for the P4P because the non pro uses a different cable, i went with this one

I know this is a super late reply so let us know what you went with.

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I should add yes if the whole thing is replaced the price is right, but he is just going to sell the used camera online for 400 to 600 bucks as a "refurbished" unit as well as the motors and arm parts if he doesn't just reuse them to "repair" your P4P. So scary to let someone else fix my stuff, I used to restore cars for a shop and that guy had some "tricks" to save a buck.


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You can send the drone to India for repair work it is repairable whatsapp at 9167489284 its ajay here from Kingz drone system Mumbai any of your friend can't able to fix it out update me on what'sapp

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