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The CyberHome CH-DVD 300 is a 480p progressive-scan DVD player that is able to play DVDs, MP3s, and CDs.

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My DVD reads loading, but never does.

I hooked up a new dvd player, but all that shows on my screen is “Loading” - but it never loads. What do I do???

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@flebitn if it is a "new dvd player", return it. It should be covered under warranty. If it is an older DVD player then let us know what make and exact model this is. Typically when a DVD isn't loading your disc or the laser that is reading the disc, is either scratched or dirty. Try using a different disc. If the DVD still doesn't load, you might have to clean or replace your laser. If it is a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 then you can use these guides CyberHome CH-DVD 300 to work on it. Common problem with this model was a few failed "low esr" filter capacitors on the power supply.

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I've had my apeman portable dvd player for about 6-months. Up until now all of my dvds worked perfectly until I purchased a complete series, now every other dvd plays. I thought it was the dvd, but recently ordered & received a replacement. To my frustration I'm experiencing the same problem with the same dvd as before. I'd appreciate any advice or assistance in resolving this matter. I even tried playing the dvd's on my laptop without success.


ok i have an old polaroid dvd player from 2005 the laser still moves back and forth in place but i'm still stuck on where the dvd player dosn't recognize the dvd


I have a Samsung Blu-ray hooked to the Internet and that’s all it’ll say is loading loading. It might be a minute or two and then it just goes to loading.???


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DVDs go through 3 stages:

1) Detect the disk (yours passes this one)

2) Attempt to read the TOC (Table of Contents) from the disk (Yours is failing this one!)

3) Read the disk to completion… (Yours never gets this far)

In your case, you are stuck on step 2. I would start with an attempt to clean the lens on the optics assembly. Use a cotton swab and alcohol and GENTLY clean the surface of the lens. Be careful as the lens is supported by fine wires that allow for focus.

Report your results here.


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