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Desktop replacement laptop released by Asus in 2011.

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Black screen, led on, auto turn on when plugged in

Hi, I have a problem with my Asus K53SV laptop. It's been broken for two years and today it's time to fix it. The laptop turns on however the screen remains black does not turn on. The LEDs light up but do not respond to commands such as activating or deactivating the capslock or number lock. The laptop starts as soon as I connect it to the power supply. In the past I had a problem with charging and I sent it to repair but after two days it broke again. I replaced myself and now it works. I tried in various ways to repair the laptop. I tried to hold down 30 seconds and then turn it on again. I tried removing and putting back the ram. I also tried to connect it to another screen but it does not work. I really need help. If I can not fix it I'd at least know if the screen works to make an external screen. Thanks for the patience

Update (09/01/2018)

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I did this, probably the motherboard is dead Thank you for the help


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Alyon007  if I read this right it sounds like you connected an external monitor and it did not work either. This all could be a motherboard issue. If the computer turns on the moment you plug it is could be caused by a bad power button or a faulty power connection. You really have to take a deeper look at the motherboard and see what is going on there. It will help if you can tell us the markings on the motherboard since there may be a schematic out there for it. “I replaced myself and now it works. “ you need to tell us what you replaced and what works now. “if the screen works to make an external screen “ that will depend on the make and model of the LCD but most likely it will be possible. Let us know when you have all the information.

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@oldturkey03 I do not know much about the controls on hardware, so if you can tell me with what I could test


use this guide and check to see if you can get to your motherboard. Asus K53S -X156V Thermal Paste Replacement Take some really good pictures of your board (both sides) and post those with your question. While you take it apart, check teh DC in jack carefully for any broken, bend or crossed contacts.


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