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Released on May 1, 2015 by LG. Can also be identified by LS770.

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Why is my screen all ranibow and black abnd jettery

I dropped my phone it cracked a hole botton left hand conner there and orange shiny chip coneted with yellow line and that chip is cracked but when I press down on it makes the touch screen more responsieve and I can kind of see my wallpaper and lock screen but when i let go the black part sperads from left to right even farther and if i press down on the screen where is balck it wont work and it just keep’s geting worse and I cant make it stop.

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no the screen needs replaced

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Ok, where can I go to do that cheaply and how much will it cost


im guessing your in the states, so i couldnt say who could do it as im in the uk


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