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A consumer soldering station by the Weller division of Apex Tool Group.

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Weller Soldering Station: WLC200 vs WT1HN. Is the price really worth?

I am soldering some apple products and for the price difference, these 2 models are pretty close in wattage and temperature. Am I just paying for the flashy screen with the new one?

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The WLC200 is a fixed temperature station (900 degrees F) and based upon what I have seen is designed for stained glass applications. This is not suited for electronics repair work. The WT1HN with the right tips is more suited to what you require. The WT1HN system is in the professional range of solder stations. If you are going to do production work or frequent work, this can work well. There are others in the Weller line that are less expensive such as the WTCPT that work well too. These have the temp set by the tip selected. The WES51 is even less cost and works well. This particular one selects the heat range with a control on the base.

I have used (and still use on in home jobs) both the WTCPT and WES51 units.


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yes, you can use it. It does not have a fixed temperature, but “offers adjustable tip temperature by varying the heater wattage”. The only issue will be that right of the bat you’d require different solder tips. Those are not cheap. Remember that whatever tool you use, it has to work for you. If it feels comfortable and allows you to do your repairs then it is the right tool, no matter how flashy or simple. It does not matter what I use because the same tool may not work for you. s828a-wlc200-online

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