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The Samsung Chromebook 3, introduced in 2016, is the successor to the Chromebook 2 and features an Intel Celeron N3060 processor. The XE500C13-K01US model has 2 GB RAM while the XE500C13-K02US model has 4 GB RAM.

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accidentally spilled water on my chrome book keyboard

so i spilled water on my keyboard and now when i type something the letter “H” keeps popping up if my finger even slightly touches . the letter H is the only key giving me problems, is there a way to fix this ?

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this sounds like a shortened out keyboard. The only way to fix this would be by replacing it Problem is that there are not to many disassembly instructions and only a few places with replacement keyboards. The few I found are all complete with palmrest assembly. Check this video "and see if you can get to your keyboard like this. Otherwise just get a USB keyboard for now until there are better instructions and parts easier available

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