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Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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I've broken the DSI motherboard power connector!

I recently bought a "for parts" DSI off of Ebay. The lower screen was broken, but I'd replaced a DS lower screen and figured I could handle it. I used the instructions on this website to begin the disassembly of the unit, when I got to the point where you disconnect the power cable from the mobo (step 9) I ran into a problem: the entire connector, not just the cable, came off the mobo. Is there any way to reconnect the mount point for the power connector or is this a matter of suck it up and send it out to a repair tech? I'm going to look at under a magnifying glass and hope I can solder it back on, but I'm not certain that will work. Any suggestions most appreciated.

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As a side note, I've noticed what appears to be either water residue or some type of glue on various parts of the motherboard. also, before the teardown, the unit did power on when plugged into a wall charger. It appeared to just be a broken LCD was the issue with this unit. (but I could be wrong)


AdamMcinturff, is there any chance you can post a pic of the damage. I think that there might be a way, if you are pretty handy. Of course you can also send it off to get it repaired, however make sure that you get a good cost estimate in order to not spend more than a replacement DSi would cost.


Just to update, it is quasi-repaired. I used alcohol to clean the motherboard and used; a flashlight, a soldering pencil, and a magnifying glass (at this point there was someone else helping, let's face it my soldering skills are only so-so) and we ever so gently soldered some extra wire directly onto the mobo and then soldered that to the connectors from the power supply board. sadly the case wont close completely (to much wire I suppose) and occasionally the thing acts as if the up or down button is constant on. any idea where I can find thinner wire?


Check a electrical supply house for thin wire. Good luck. + for your effort.


+ I second that


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replace the power button assembly or the motherboard.witch ever one

Imagem de Nintendo DSi XL Motherboard


Nintendo DSi XL Motherboard Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:


20 - 30 minutes

Imagem de Nintendo DSi XL Power Board


Nintendo DSi XL Power Board Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:


15 - 30 minutes

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Hi, have the same problem.

I soldered red and black wires directly to two very little metal pads placed just on the motherboard, to the left, i mean nearer to the wifi module. But I got no result: console screen makes a little flash and then got off. I suspect there might be another connections to be made but as i've broken the whole mobo dc connector can't imagine what else.

Thank you.

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