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The first generation (KJ) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV. Sold in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

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Why did my horn randomly start going off?

06 jeep liberty. Randomly horn started going off so I had the horn unplugged. I took it to get looked at and they said horn switch and they'd have to replace whole steering wheel (or add a button in the dash for less $$). Is it common to replace whole steering wheel?

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i just got it fixed 2 x's and my mechanic said i needed a new battery that was 2 wkkks ago and again it happened. Now he said i needed a new ignition was damaged. I need guidance. I so nervous the horn will go off again.


Wow! 1st reply from so long ago. I don't even that that car anymore. But in my case I just took the fuse out but my windows were connected to same fuse. So I got a family friend to unhook the horn and put the fuse back in. Went on like that for a few days then took it to a shop that said a whole bunch was wrong and I couldn't afford it and left. Then went back to my family friend to reconnect and see if he could fix it... but when he reconnected it it didn't come on continuously. I left horn unhooked for a few weeks. I think mine was just the wiring or something. Didn't do it again and then I traded it in. Find out which fuse it is in your car tho just so you can pull it out if you need to. It'll drain your battery and get you a lot of stares.


1 person said horn switch or horn relay.. always get 2nd or 3rd opinions


@mceravo sounds like BS to me. your ignition itself would not set of your horn. Pulling the fuse will only interrupt the power but not fix it. Replace your horn relay first. If that does not work it is possible that this is caused by the horn button in your steering wheel (or the clockspring (has nothing to do with the clock:-)))


It's a major problem on jeeps of that year and some others. It's because of the way they are wired. The fuse box is not like others. The horn has no fuse its wires to lots of stuff. The best way I have found to fix is to run a jump wire to the horn from the battery.


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I would suggest that you replace the horn relay first. The steering wheel does not need to be replaced but the button is molded in the Air bag assembly (what a stupid idea). Go with an external button somewhere else and safe yourself a boatload of money (if it is the switch and not the relay)

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I cant get fix till next week but sound is very annoying

Can i get the fuse out?


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The sound of the clicking is very annoying can I take out the fuse off the horn until I get it fixed next week?

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