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iPhone 6 fl2024 Pad MISSING Jumper?

HI Everyone.. i have an iphone 6 with backlight issue.

I check undermicroscope, the filter fl2024 is missing.

Unfortunally also the pads are missing.. both pads.

Anybody tell me plz how can i jump it and turn back backlight??


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do you have zxw


Yes @tech_ni i have it..


use that to find out where you can run jumpers to


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HI @tech_ni I jumped it.. (check the image plz)

And it works.

My question is : The Filter Fl2024 is missing now.. is there any porblem or risk for phone?


Block Image

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if theres no filter then theres nothing to protect the rest of the backlight circuit


Thanks a lot Daneil :)


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