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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Beeps 3 or numerous times no boot

OK, got myself a new project 15"MBP. It will not boot, but fan is spinning, green light on mag, then orange. Will give me 3 beeps with 2 RAM sticks, 1 beep with 1 stick in the upper slot, no beep but still no boot with the stick in the lower bay. This is done with a known good RAM stick from my 17"MBP. Any ideas on how to proceed. No safe boot either...

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This is a RAM problem. Exactly what RAM are you putting in? What RAM did it have in it?

What GB are these chips? We don’t know what 17” you have and not al (actually seldom) will RAM move from one year to the next. Adjust the screws a quarter of a turn on the RAM bracket can make the difference in it working or not.


Try the RAM from the 15” in the 17” to verify. I have had ESD problems with RAM before and they can drive you up the wall. Because sometimes they work and sometimes not.

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Thank you Mayer. I did the screw turn, and the RAM I have is the typical PC 3 8500S 2GB which I run in my various 2009 vintage Macbook Pros. I think I will haver to go in and do some serious testing with some Boardview files and schematics. See what all leads to the RAM slot, which I suspect is indisposed currently....


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