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A system of mirrors or lenses, or both in tandem, used to view sights from a distance.

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Telescope is Out of alignment

I have an infinity 114EQ telescope that is out of alignment and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. Any help

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you can download the proper manual from Meade on here.


Perform the first part of this procedure during the daytime and the last step at night.

Block Image

Block Image

1. Point the telescope at an easy-to-find land object such as the top of a telephone pole or a distant mountain or tower. Look through the eyepiece and turn the focuser knob (31) until the image is sharply focused. Center the object precisely in the eyepiece’s field of view. Note: You have a reflecting telescope, objects will appear upside down and reversed left-for-right. This will not make a difference when observing astronomical objects, and in fact, all astronomical telescopes present inverted images. No means of correcting the image is available for reflecting telescopes—the image will always appear upside down and reversed left-for-right.

2. Look through the red dot viewfinder. Turn one or more of the viewfinder’s alignment screws (34, Inset B) until the red dot is precisely over the same object as you centered in the eyepiece.

3. Check this alignment at night on a celestial object, such as the Moon or a bright star, and use the viewfinder’s alignment screws to make any necessary refinements.

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Did you drop it or something or is it that they are just out of alignment. Here is a telescope guide, I hope this helps. Best of Luck!!!

Telescope Teardown

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