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The entry-level version of the Inspiron 15 7000 gaming notebook from June 2017 lacks the higher-end hardware complement of its pricier siblings. The battery life puts many other laptops—gaming or not—to shame.

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The left click button of my touchpad is not working

I owned my 7566 for 2 years, and the left/right button of the touchpad is not working , I have to click multiple times to have my click recognized by the computer (the tap to click function works perfectly fine).

I tried rebooting, resetting touchpad setting and windows update and none of them worked, any thoughts?

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Hi @hfpong ,

It may be a hardware problem.

Perhaps the cable from the touchpad/ buttons to the motherboard is loose or perhaps the buttons contact surface has worn down with use.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop (taken from this webpage)

Scroll to p.66 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove / replace the touchpad.

This should give you access to the touchpad connector cable to check that it is connected securely.

If it is OK it may be that you’ll have to replace the touchpad button assembly.

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Mine did not stop working exactly, but it did start to wobble and miss click a bit. After I did my battery replacement, the touchpad fixed itself. It didn’t wobble anymore and didn’t miss click. I have 2 theories about it:

1. My original battery was swollen, which I never noticed till I replaced it. This could’ve put pressure on the touchpad and messed with it.

2. There was 1 very small component that dropped out of the laptop when I was working on it. No idea what it was, but that might also have messed things up.

Not exactly your issue, but it might help you out.

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Swollen battery was the issue for me as well. I found that out upon opening my laptop.


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My best guess is that the buttons are worn out. Especially if you use them often and don't use an external USB mouse. I've seen this issue on several laptops. If you have to press harder than normal to get them to work, then they are worn out.

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