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iPhone se won't turn on

My iPhone SE won't turn on. It did not get wet. Tried the usual tricks (i.e. multiple cables, chargers, held down power and home buttons for long time, verified no debris inside lightning port, etc). I expect something died inside. The phone was dropped plenty of times over the years (but in an otterbox) but no event seemed to come just before the failure. But, shaking the phone I did hear a little rattle.

Could be many possible things. Perhaps the power/standby button went bad? Any ideas how to troubleshoot what actually went bad?

I've disassembled and replaced parts of other phones in the past so I took the phone apart. I don't see anything obvious.

I'd love to at least recover the pictures from this device. Assuming the logic board is still good, could I just put it into another iPhone SE and do that? I could possibly buy a used iPhone SE for not-too-much money.

Thanks for any tips!

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this is what you need to do.

1. Disconnect battery

2. plug in charger

3. Apple logo will flash on and off

if that is the case you have a bad battery.

if no apple logo then try this.

1. disconnect battery

2. get multi meter

3. put it on 20

4.put black probe on sim reader metal plate

5.put red probe on 1st gold contact at the top in the batter connector

6. voltage will go up and down once the cable is plugged in.

if it is not moving and is on 0.1-0.6 it could be a charging ic issue

if it is on 0.0 it could be a short to ground

easy thing is clean the charging port with abit of isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush before doing this

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Wow, thanks for the great detailed reply! I will hopefully get a chance to try this out today. One question, in step 3 above, what do you mean to put the meter on 20? You mean to read a 20V DC range?


yes i tried to simplify it 20v dc range will show the readings that i have mentioned


Okay, so no flash of the Apple logo with battery disconnected. Measuring voltage at battery connector did show a varying voltage from 1V-4V so maybe the charging circuit is okay. Should I let it charge for a while and then remeasure the voltage at the disconnected battery? But, I guess the fact that I didn't see the Apple logo with the battery disconnected means something else is wrong? Thanks again for all your help!


Okay, so battery is definitely charging! I plugged the phone into my computer and was able to see it show up. However, ImageCapture won't access the photos unless I can unlock the phone. Screen seems totally dead. Maybe I should replace the screen/digitizer?


Wow, we plugged the phone into a TV with a lightning to HDMI adapter and it is sort of working. However, it doesn't respond to touches so we have no way of unlocking the phone. Making progress though!


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The first thing to check is the battery. If you have access to a multimeter, you could measure the voltage directly on the battery flex connector. Anything lower than 3V and the phone will not boot. That could be a bad battery or a defective charging circuit.

You could also try a new charge port to see if that helps but anything beyond that is most likely a board level issue.

I don't like the notion that there is a rattle inside. You need to identify what that is to see if it gives you any clues. Otterboxes protect the housing and screen but it doesn't fully protect the logic board from shearing forces. It's like falling out of the second floor window with a helmet on and a puffy jacket. You won't have too many scratches but your internal organs are still going to take a beating :>).

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Thanks so much for the reply! I have a meter but that connector is so small I'm not sure where to put the terminals and I don't want to short the battery accidentally. Any tips on how to measure this?


It's the two outer contacts. Even with standard probes, you should be able to make contact without shorting out anything. Sometimes taping the flex and connector makes things more stable.


Great, thanks for the clarification. Either I'm missing the contacts or the battery is reading absolutely zero. But, it's been dead now for 1-2 weeks.


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