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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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Headphone Jack stuck Bold 9700

I got part of my headphone jack stuck in my blackberry 9700. Does anybody have any suggestion on how to remove it? I have tried putting the headphones from which the jacket is from but it won't budge. Any suggestion would be grateful.

Thanks in advanced!

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This is an answer from a previous question in regards to broken of pieces in the jack.You can try and find something a little smaller than your head phone plug and hold your phone horizontal and use some crazy glue to glue it to the piece that is still attached. Make sure of course that you do not get any into the jack. You can also try to use some very small surgical tweezers if you still have enough to get a grip on. Otherwise you may have to replace the jack. Good Luck.

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I tried the glue method but it didn't work for me. That's when my dad figured to use a screw, small enough to fit inside the jack (<3.5mm) and using a screw driver, screw it in such that it hooks onto the broken piece inside, then simply pull it out.

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